Java enterprise applications: 100%
Elasticsearch & Full-text search: 100%
Scala based reactive applications: 90%
Spark: 100%
Hadoop: 100%
Realtime Analytics: 90%
Machine learning: 100%
NoSQL: 100%
OSGi & Micro-services based applications: 90%
D3 Visualisations: 100%

Brevitaz is a tech-savvy IT startup based at Ahmedabad providing innovative Big data analytics, visualization and search solutions to its global client base. We have been providing scalable & reactive enterprise solutions based on open-source tools since August 2014 and serving as a reliable offshore partner to our clients by implementing agile best practice.

We believe in building beautiful software that are reactive, sustainable, scalable and intuitive. We make sure that our systems are easy to use, fun to develop, easy to maintain and quick to scale. We achieve this by continuous delivery best-practices and help our clients gain quick ROI.

We understand today’s business challenges and opportunities are hidden in your data. We help enterprises extract value from their data by selecting the right technology tools and applying lean principles to solve their business needs. We have diverse experience across industry verticals and technical expertise that allow us to solve data problems using best-in-class open-source technologies while leveraging public-cloud, private-cloud or bare metal.