Role of Analytics professional in bigdata projects

Role of Analytics professional in bigdata projects

Bigdata technologies exist to support business and not the other way around. Analytics professionals play an important role in successful big data projects.

Understand the consumer of bigdata

Role of an analytics professional is building and establishing analytical value chain. Understand expectations, goals and vision of business and bridge between the ‘business’ and ‘IT’. As an analytics professional, understand the consumer of ‘reporting and dash boarding’ first.

Change Management

Analytics professional must lay foundation of change management. Inform business people about analytics methods without complicating it with technical jargon, logic or math. Explain the change and its benefits fully.New analytical infrastructure will require long-term investment of time, money and efforts that will change core processes that leads to changing individual habits.

In old days, IT department produced and generated reports for business people. BigData projects shift this control directly into business people and allow them to customize, modify and create reports and dashboards in realtime.

Draw lines

Confront business people with ‘what can be done’ and ‘what can’t be done’ without sugarcoating perceived result. Realistic and sustainable solutions can open possibilities.

Hiring the right team is most crucial in successful bigdata project. Their ability to understand your business and integrate bigdata solution to the core can drive value.


Krishna Meet is a software scientist having core interest in analytical dashboards. Majority of her career span was into tech-writing and UX-design. However, she thrives by intersecting multiple skill-sets : SQL & NOSQL databases, business analysis, and UX design. She is a voracious reader and possesses Masters degree in Computer Science. Her interest in agile methodologies and user-centered design has landed her a techno-functional role at Brevitaz.


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