5 reasons why bigdata can bring big benefits to SME

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Storage costs have gone down due to virtualized infrastructure

Any business with customers and transactions will require to store that data with growth in mind. As your business grows your data in going to grow multifold. With cloud storage being cheaper day by day SMEs can benefit from this. Storing enterprise data in the cloud by using affordable saas can bring in many more benefits to your business while setting you free from security and authentication issues for your enterprise data. Virtualized infrastructure is the heart of any bigdata project.

Going mobile is easy by using saas hosted services. Core factor for SME growth.

Today most cloud services come mobile ready thus, your customers and employees can adopt your business quickly into their mobile lifestyle.

Make sense of data: sooner the better.

Being able to present your data in simple and actionable way to drive your decisions is most important. Make sense out of Customers and transaction data- earlier the better just like retirement policy. Even if you don’t have IT department to manage your enterprise data today’s open source technology makes it possible to own analytics at affordable rate. Being able to identify trends or forecast demand can immensely benefit your business as you will be able to trust your data-driven decisions derived from your own enterprise data.

Getting everything on single platform is easy and simple if you begin with end in mind.

Data duplication is big issue when executing big data project. You have to consolidate data from multiple sources and find single source of truth. As an SME having sophisticated enterprise data management strategy can turn your data into asset. Leveraging technologies like Hadoop can bring in huge computing power as well as broad data integration possibilities for refining your enterprise data.

Leverage social media before product launch is not only for Big companies.

Spotting opportunity or measuring success of your online marketing campaign not a big deal if you can harness the power of open source big data technologies. Evaluating customer needs by looking at various trends using social media channels like twitter, facebook and so on can help you gain real benefit of Big data.

SMEs can equally benefit from Big data technologies if they can foresee volume, variety and velocity of their enterprise data.


Krishna Meet

Krishna Meet is a software scientist having core interest in analytical dashboards. Majority of her career span was into tech-writing and UX-design. However, she thrives by intersecting multiple skill-sets : SQL & NOSQL databases, business analysis, and UX design. She is a voracious reader and possesses Masters degree in Computer Science. Her interest in agile methodologies and user-centered design has landed her a techno-functional role at Brevitaz.

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