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In today’s world mobile devices out number world population. Each of these device as well as other devices like sensors, IOTs, servers and so on keep generating data at very high speed. Thus it becomes crucial for us to keep the track of their health – function properly all the time- and detect if anything goes wrong or unusual as soon as possible.

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For example, enterprise network administrators must be able to detect intrusions in the network. Sudden change in website traffic needs to be diagnosed or fluctuating sensor data indicates malfunctioning of the sensor. Looking at all the data that is generated from these devices at once and detecting whats unusual happening is possible only if you have anomaly detection system in place.

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At brevitaz we expertise in building anomaly detection solutions by discovering patterns from large amount of data. For example, by defining attribute values on your data and finding when it significantly deviated from the expected or typical attribute values. At times you not only detect the problem but discover new phenomenon from your large data.

Realtime analytics can minimize the consequences of an anomaly as it will empower you to take action as soon as it is detected. We expertise in leveraging best in class big data analysis technologies like Hadoop and ElasticSearch to build variety of anomaly detection solutions.