New book with easy to follow steps-Elasticsearch for Hadoop

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We are glad to announce a new book on big data technology-ElasticSearch for Hadoop. Vishal Shukla, author of the book and founder and of Brevitaz systems, has shared his experiences on enhancing hadoop ecosystem in his new book titled ‘Elasticsearch for Hadoop’. The book can help any java developer with basic knowledge of hadoop to gain hands-on experience on using eshadoop.

The book will guide the reader step by step in setting-up hadoop and elasticsearch along with required monitoring tools. Using classic MapReduce jobs, it will demonstrate how eshadoop can help data flow IN and OUT between elasticsearch and hadoop. The book will explain how you can integrate all your hadoop ecosystem technologies like Pig, Hive, Cascading, Apache Spark and Apache Storm with Elasticsearch.

The author has chosen real world datasets, especially to give the reader practical experience of analyzing massive amounts of data. Further, using query DSL of elasticsearch the reader will advance his/her querying knowledge on unstructured data, structured data as well as geo spatial data. The reader will learn elasticsearch features on creating custom analyzers to meet different use-case with advanced search capabilities.

The reader will gain skills on shaping up the data into charts and visualize correlation between multiple variables. Using eshadoop to perform advanced analytics, classify streaming data using Apache Storm and import it into elasticsearch in realtime. Readers will learn how to use Kibana to identify patterns in huge volume of data, detect anomalies or find trends.

With practical understanding of distributed eshadoop environment reader will be able to roll out his/her own production cluster. The reader will be armed with skills to leverage topology of hadoop and elsaticsearch deployments to gain maximum performance while taking care of failover situation.

The book is available to preorder through Packt Publication website or Amazon


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