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Enterprise data is growing exponentially and it will continue forever. Not only humans but our devices, sensors and wearables are all generating data. Collecting and storing these generated petabytes of data is simple and cheaper like never before! However, most important question is that can we query and search these petabytes of data efficiently?

Running queries on petabytes of data efficiently and maintaining high availability is a challenging task that requires thoughtful data modeling and scalable architecture.

At Brevitaz, our highly experienced architects design data model to leverage all capabilities of lucene indexing through ElasticSearch at its fullest. We implement elasticsearch’s ‘sharding’ and ‘replication’ in a sophisticated way that will allow you to run queries at lightening speed without worrying about petabytes of data. Moreover, ‘sharding’ and ‘replication’ makes the system fault tolerant and highly available.

We give emphasis on monitoring aspects of distributed clusters while leveraging cloud infrastructure. Our toolset stack provide 360 degree insight from JVM and node metrics for entire cluster to the usage patterns of capture and query requests on your nodes.

Our expertise in architecture designing and thoughtful approach will make ‘scaling out’ your system so simple and efficient with ElasticSearch and related cloud technologies.

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