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Elasticsearch is an open-source, distributed search engine that has already proven its worth in the big data landscape. Elasticsearch’s distributed search and analytics capabilities are based on Apache Lucene – a high performance, full featured full-text search library. Elasticsearch is document oriented and schema-free along with multi-tenancy with lightening fast searches. You can scale your Elasticsearch clusters as you grow and it can support near-realtime searches on terrabytes of data across multiple indices.

Elasticsearch Use Cases

Full-text search:

We can help you integrate Elasticsearch to integrate it with your applications for finding most relevant documents by searching within your unstructured text documents or search from fields of semi-structured and structured documents indexed in Elasticsearch. We will help you design and develop flow of indexing these data into Elasticsearch and getting right results on first page for user’s search term. We ensure that your search solution takes into account how closely the searched phrases match with the search results. These searches can be enabled with auto-suggest to assist user with his possible search term, which can be personalized for the user.

[pullquote]Spotting the right search result on top quickly makes the difference between selling and not selling the product [/pullquote]

Faceted search:

You have semi-structured product data with different fields for each product types? And you would like users to be able to see facets for search product so that user can apply filters easily just like popular E-commerce sites like Amazon, E-Bay? We develop that with lightening fast page load time on top of large amount of data. Elasticsearch can also perform geo-location based search e.g. find restaurants in 5 km radius from my current location.


Running analysis on huge piles of logs that are based on timestamped data that requires on the fly aggregations to allow user to know the distribution of the search results. Especially being able to analyse data as soon as it flies in.

Data Discovery:

When Elasticsearch is combined with visualization tools like Kibana or custom interactive dashboards it turns into a powerful data discovery tool that can spot anomalies or allows the user to explore big data in a comprehensible way.

Whether you are looking for search technology that can integrate into your existing IT-landscape or you are looking for from the scratch search solution to manage your big data such as high volume log data. We build end to end search and analytics solutions by leveraging Elasticsearch capabilities that delivers maximum ROI to our customers.

How do we do it

  • Create vision for your enterprise search requirements
  • Ingest required data from multiple sources. For example, you may be looking for search solution that must include data from some of your existing RDBMS, external sources, or social media.
  • Identify search features that can enhance the user experience. For example,features like context aware fuzzy search capabilities or auto complete for search terms may enhance productivity of the user.
  • Start with task specific search support, evaluate and enhance search performance in an iterative way