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With ever rising flow of data around us there is strong need to be able to access only data that we need. Moreover, in our personal lives Google is helping us access information that we need with variety of feature rich search algorithms. We are so accustomed with search features like autocomplete and ‘Did you mean?’ that we look for the same ease of data access while using our office intranet or wading through large sets of documents.

With more and more enterprise data moving into cloud it requires interoperability across variety of data sources that we need to search with minimum response time. For example, your organisation may need to answer a question like below.

From our range of products which products are most successful over last 2 years?
To answer such questions your search should be smart enough to filter entire product dataset – may be hundreds of thousands records – while mapping it with sales data that is collected over a period of time. Apart from that, users expect receiving answers within a fraction of a second!

Moreover, implementing faceted searches like the one we use daily while using popular shopping websites like looking for products with specific colour, size or brand sounds simple. However, filtering enterprise data based on user defined parameters adds much more complexity to search.

At Brevitaz, we focus on understanding your enterprise data and interviewing end users to know about how they would like to define their data? What parameters are important for them? How they would like to visualize the data?

We leverage best-in-class search technologies like ElasticSearch to implement customized search solutions. ElasticSearch is a fully featured search engine that is built on Apache Lucene search engine library with following features.

  • Multiple language support
  • Geolocation support
  • Autocomplete and search snippets
  • Powerful Query DSL
  • Supports temporal, range and key look-up highlighting
  • Extensible via plugins

We expertise in customizing each feature as per your needs and build a custom search solution will empower your users to run faceted search and full-text searches on enterprise data and we can help you visualize your data graphically to let you find interesting insights.

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