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The way we do it


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We thrive to offer long term software outsourcing partnership. We will join your hand right from defining initial vision and requirements till successful deployment. Communication and our ability to provide our clients visibility throughout development process are key to our success.

After years of experience in practicing Agile development methodologies, we understand the challenges while trying to master agile practices. We start with the focus on minimum viable product and collaborate with offshore team members on a regular basis. This helps everyone know the right direction. We setup multiple communication channels for voice/video conferencing, screen sharing as well as dashboards for prioritising tasks to quickly get the momentum while ensuring our team is well trained at utilising best from each of these tools.

Rather than rigidly fixing Agile into scrum or other process-driven frameworks, we strongly believe in self improvising teams – making us Agile in true sense. In order to achieve that, we constantly measure what we deliver and how we deliver. We setup dedicated channel to get continuous feedback from colleagues and client that helps us in improvising in the quality and productivity, in turn resulting into better customer satisfaction.

At higher level, our Agile philosophy works in tandem with our modular component designing skills. This allows you to react quickly to the rapidly changing market needs and enabling you and us to accommodate requirement changes and new features with lesser turn-around time in stable manner.

Our small team becomes our strength in implementing DevOps strategy as it blurs the line between development and operations. With complete focus on client’s goal, we follow Continuous delivery and testing strategy like TDD or BDD. Our team is always willing to take efforts to improve quality of software solution that delivers value to your business.