Big Data Analytics

We help you developing smart systems that can crunch data from diverse data sources, find correlations between data. We make these data tell story using innovative and intuitive advanced visualizations. Bleeding-edge data engineering technologies enable you to ingest high velocity data, analyse it in real-time to act upon critical business decisions.

  • Real-time Analytics and Alerting
  • High Velocity Ingestion
  • Lightning Fast Full-text Search
  • Custom Analytics Dashboards & Frameworks
  • Advanced Data Visualizations
  • Log Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • ETL Pipelines
  • Data Warehouse Modernization

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Application Modernization

Technology has evolved at more rapid pace than ever in last decade. This has turned well-developed systems obsolete. New generation technology reduce cost by leveraging hardware better and make distributed computing possible. Cutting-edge frontend technologies make user experience better than ever.

  • Get ready to scale by adopting cloud computing
  • Migrate application from other language to Java or Scala
  • Technology stack migration
  • Adopt NOSQL database to meet increasing data volume, velocity and variety needs
  • Phased refactoring to achieve clean code & unit testable code
  • Modularize architecture for better sustainability & scalability
  • Modernize frontend by moving to SPA (single-page application) and migrating to latest
  • Migrate frontend to modern frameworks and single-page application

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Custom Webapp Development

We believe in system that is joy for business owners to scale along with business growth, joy for developers to code and joy for users to use. Leverage our architecture blueprints designed to keep the web applications highly performant, resilient, elastically scalable and sustainable.

  • Microservice based backends for modularity and scalability
  • Resilient web applications that stays responsive even in case of failure of any component
  • High performance backends leveraging non-blocking libraries
  • Intuitive front-ends using cutting-edge techniques
  • Clean code developed with craftsmanship
  • Well-tested APIs with behaviour-driven automation
  • Embrace DevOps practices like containerization, CI/CD

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Application Maintenance & Support

The problem with software systems is that feedback of design decisions and code quality comes after years. It often demands a dedicated team of good developers to ensure new enhancements or bugfixes do not break any existing features.

  • Pro-active team to improve code quality & design by continuous refactoring
  • Ensure right release and delivery processes
  • Quick turn-around for bug fixes
  • Log monitoring and proactive alerting
  • Adoption of automated test suites
  • Optimise performance and memory usage
  • Implement continuous integration & delivery practices

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Java, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, AngularJS, DevOps, Agile, Continuous Delivery, NoSQL, LogStash, Kibana, MongoDB
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