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With the explosion of user generated content supported by microblogging websites, portals, forums and so on users or consumers are freely writing about their experience with variety of products, events, services and so on. Today’s tech-savy user is no more limited to ask for opinion to his/her family and friends before buying a product or service. Similarly, companies no longer need to hire an external consultant before a product/service launch to identify consumer opinion.

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Sentiment analysis provides and unprecedented opportunity for mining this opinion rich user generated piles of data. It provides a way to identify the attitude of any text as positive or negative. It would be about finding general opinion about a product, service, movie or a brand.

However, these consumer opinion comes from diverse sources : facebook posts, twitter feeds, blog posts or forum posts thus, it is challenging to mine. For example, from product reviews identifying terms like ‘ease of use’, ‘performance’ or ‘customer care’ as well as identifying use of those term either as positive or negative.

Sentiment analysis are used in diverse form from predicting election results to measure marketing campaign or to study market before a product launch. Being able to analyze this large scale unstructured data dynamically and in real time can give cutting-edge benefit to your business. Let us know your sentiment analysis related requirements and we can help you develop custom sentiment analysis tool to trace and monitor your campaigns.