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Analysis says that around 80% of enterprise data is in unstructured format. Moreover, due to automated tools that collect these data keep stacking them; building an unending pile of data. It could be in any of the following form.

  • Emails
  • call center transcripts
  • patent description
  • incident reports
  • claims notes
  • memos
  • survey responses

This unstructured data is filled with variety of underlaying languages combining slangs and grammar used in different regions of the globe. Moreover, some languages do not use spaces thus makes it difficult to tokenize words and return related words from huge set of unstructured data. Some languages use compound words by joining two or more words however, while searching users don’t type entire words but only a part of the word. With an interactive approach, organisation can successfully use text analytics tools to get insights into this unstructured data.

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Text analysis for specific word or phrases can be used for many purpose.

  • Identify frequently occurring customer complains
  • Spam filtering
  • Abuse detection
  • Market research

At Brevitaz we develop custom text analytics tools that can allow you to interactively query unstructured data and return most relevant results that may combine variety of sources. By leveraging wide variety of open source analytics tools, our competent team with creative approach can help you develop best in class text analytics tool that can play incredibly valuable role in your business operations.